Team SteamPhunk aspires to create ongoing immersive community soirées that showcase talents of Melbourne’s underground and overground art scene, while also providing a punter with a fun and frivolous night out. Our weekly soirees have a sense of a Victorian Gothic / SteamPunk / ElectroSwing to them, but are not limited by or exclusive to these genres and philosophies. Team SteamPhunk does not draw exclusively on any one of these references, but rather combines them all into its own eclectic style, always aiming to inspire, provoke and stimulate a fairytale of one’s own invention.

Our soirées invite you to mix your Highest Intention with your Deepest Hedonistic Cravings while participating in the latest offerings of the local artists. Team SteamPhunk aspires towards both frivolity and longevity: our events are thematically curated and designed to evolve over time.

Each weekly gathering showcases two or three “performance cameos” or “live happenings” and features some of the city’s most prolific DJs. Over the course of time, the participant will encounter a plethora of local musicians, theatre, cabaret, circus and burlesque performers, installation and performance artists, illusionists and beat poets. Melbourne’s finest DJs will assure that your labyrinthine journey into the world of underground Electro Swing, Ghetto Funk, Glitch Hop, ethno beats and Tec-House is rich and tantalising. You will also have an opportunity to explore the nourishing elixirs of our Local Alchemist and let the good times roll.