Mickey Space

I don’t wanna boast, but I’m sure that even before the beginning there was a Universe full of symbols, aliens and archetypes. And one day, while bored of flying around looking for a purpose, they got together and out of cogs, beats, human hair, coconut water and monkey laughter they banged out a human form, and some turn tables…. and then when Babylon was not yet one of the seven wanders of the world they called the Messiah to beat-baptize this human and they named him DJ Mickey Space…you’ll often find him hanging in the gardens…

As a regular SteamPhunk Aural Alchemist, you might also catch him playing a beat or two on Saturday.

Baron De Merxhausen

“There are moustached thieves in the temple!” …….cried somebody in the crowd. But He was so quick, slinky and serpentine, formless yet omni-present… some tried pouring water over him, some tried to catch him in a pot…. one child even tried putting a crimson coloured fez on what we believed was his head! “To call 000 or to shout quotes from satanic verses at him?” that is the question. When he laughed stones moved and children sneezed without prompting, when he was silent there was a silky sense of expectant desire present to the crowd. And then, one ordinary hump day, he dropped in from….. well, it might have been the roof, the ceiling or somewhere much higher, almost seven feet tall and moustached to the nines and in a gentle “Being John Malkovich” voice he said: “Baron von Merxhausen – a partying paradox and anarchic aristocrat.”

Nela G-Trif

And then there is a Phreak for whom nostalgia dissolves only under the stage lights… born not with a golden spoon in her mouth, but ever since when she was a singing baby learning to walk she brought houses, favelas and warehouses down….the FairyGodmother of the Balkan Cabaret, the nomadic agent provocateur, in the ancient times she specialised in haruspicy, the art of entail reading, but evolved to Turkish coffee cup, frame drums and melancholy outcries of song – from the land of Goat Milk and
Gold Teeth, brought to us on a flying silver tray with a flask of plumb brandy tied to her thigh and two orchids – one in her hair and one on her hip – our local High PhreakStress Nela G-Trif.