Our weekly Steamphunk soirees showcase an eclectic bunch of champions of stage, sound and visual arts. The “happenings” or cameos will introduce you to the latest in theatre, music, dance, circus, performance and installation art.

As this is a weekly event many of our “FUNAMBULISTS” will return more than once and share the labour of love they have been developing specifically for conscious enjoyment and participation of its SteamTribe….We will also feature many wild cards from near and far…. those who will join us from the South-side or the Seven Seas, from the stages, circus tents and warehouse of around the globe we bring you the fresh offerings of our traveling collaborators!

Be prepared for hoopalicious babes and artisans of mind and body contortion! Let the poi mistresses and the mermaids of burlesque tantalise your senses! Allow thespians to twist your tongue and iron out the wrinkle in your mind, and let the sound artists leAk into your inner ear!

Our Performers

Jemima Jonez

Bad ass street poet and entrepreneur, Jamima Jonez is a female MC in a league of her own. Rising from the struggle of the Sydney streets to establishing a community empire Tetris Studios in Melbourne, paving the way for many young artists to develop their skills and find their feet in the industry. Honest, raw hip-hop that hits you between the eyes with a delivery that everyone can relate to. Her gritty hold-no-bars approach to rap will leave you stunned, shocked and genuinely moved.

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Kristina Benton

The veteran of the Melbourne stage and screen, Madame Benton (a.k.a. Special K) is with us as the theatrical temptress that weaves stories of love wars in the faraway lands of the broken hearts.


Marilyn Mocktail

SteamPhunk’s associate artist – the Blond Bombshell of Bootylicious; One shot of fun, two shots of sweetness and a whole lot of sexy; this Blonde Bombshell will tickle your taste buds with her cute curves and cheeky smile… Specialising in hip-hop inspired Neo Burlesque; Marilyn will draw you in as she explores different stories and themes through rhythmic movement and quirky characters. So take a sip of this delicious blend of sugar and spice, and get ready for a juicy good time!

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Chloe Vallance

Drawing all that moves, grooves, swings and spins. Portrait artist Chloe Vallance will be drawing, dreaming and dancing within the wonderful world of Steamphunk, capturing the creative flow of energy in colour pencils on paper. Inspired by the poetics of space and people who share a passionate sense of play.



Joana Simmons is Tinserella (actually, she is an eclectic and a schizopoetic constellation of characters spread throughput the dramatic universe of Tinserella!) and she is here to put G’Day into Cabaret! Having roamed the Australian festivals and in her preparation for the New Zealand Fringe Tinserella makes a brief, but a memorable stop at SteamPhunk!

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Donna Sparx

Donna is a hula hoop dancer, teacher, performer and lover with a background in Creative Arts and 15 years experience working with diverse communities.

Donna has trained under hoop dance instructors from Australia, the UK and USA, is a Certified Trainer and Assessor, Youth Worker, Drug and Alcohol Worker and holds a Bachelor of Creative Arts.

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Jester Pragito

Clown, Juggler, Flow Artist, Martial Artist, Dancing Fool.

Jester to his majesty the people!


Elnaz Sheshgelani

Elnaz is that rare beast: she is a dancer, writer, puppeteer and a poetic improviser, whose practice draws its inspiration from the ancient Persian story-telling form – Nagal. Armed with a voice of a Trickster and the moves of an Oracle, Elnaz flies SteamPhunk to the lands of the forgotten Birds, Gods and Nymphs!

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Camilla Cream

Whether it be singing a Little Mermaid parody, becoming an Ice Cream Sundae or tapping a Tribute to the seductive Ava Gardner, Camilla will make audiences all over cream with laughter and excitement.

This witty and whimsical woman’s dance abilities, along with her sugary sweet voice and charming character, make Camilla Cream a performer to look out for!

Learn more about the gorgeous Camilla here.


Sir Hoops A Lot

Mat Kohey (AKA Sir Hoops A Lot) began his circus life 7 years ago in New Zealand when he found Poi.

Since then he hasn’t stopped manipulating props, and now is a master of over ten!

After touring NZ for several years performing fire shows, Mat made the jump to Australia, Melbourne.

Not long after landing in Australia, Mat with his mad skills was found by Pyrodynamics, a highly recognised fire and pyrotechnics performance group. They regularly perform across Australia for events such as –

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