Aural Alchemists

When the Steam Team analysed the alchemical components of the finest parties around, we found the atmospheric element of Music to be integral, some hypothesise it’s even why DJs are said to ‘mix’ tracks. We’ve sought high and low, near and far to bring you the steam of the crop. This fine collection of aural alchemists and audio annihilators will turn every night into gold; bringing back the phunk and swinging back the crunk, keeping you on your toes and whittling away your woes. Electroswing is only one tiny facet of this party prism, so if you’re keen to attend Melbourne’s finest inner-city carnivale, don’t be anywhere else!

Our DJs

Maxwell Mortisville

Emanating from the wild and depraved citadel of Brighton, Mortisville landed in Australia with the mischievous intent of bringing his city’s own debaucherous brand of speakeasy and Electro Swing to the Antipidies. Having witnessed the genre grow and flourish in his home town, Mortisville sought to recreate the 1920’s and 30’s madness in Australia. 2 years on, after rip-roaring sets at Rainbow, Shine On, Maitreya, Strawberry Fields, Wide Open Space, Culture Jam & countless huge Warehouse Party’s’, His dastardly mission has been an unbridled success.

Intrigued? Check out Mortisville here.


Mickey Space

“I give thanks to the aliens who made the DJ messiah of magic and named him Mickey Space”. Blasting his way from steampunk hyperspace, Mickey Space is the finest purveyor of all that is funky and quirky, guaranteed to get your butt shaking and hips swinging!!
A Melbourne DJ, transcending various scenes and genres, from the clubs currently co-creating the highly acclaimed SteamPhunk weekly soirees, to the festival circuit at Rainbow, Maitreya, Earthcore and more.
His Dj sets are “electrifying”! His mixing technique is a skilful unique mash up of cross genre styles, ranging from Electro Swing to Tech- House, Glitch Hop, Ghetto Funk, Breaks and more.

Listen to more Mickey Space here.


The Chief

The Chief is on a mission to bring funky and happy vibes of swing and chunk to the dance floor. Specialising in Glitch hop, Techno, Funky Breaks and Electro Swing he loves to brighten your day and send you on your way strutting and jiving through the world.

The Chief’s quest to find the trumpet has lead him out of the jungle. His first stop was in the Adelaide Hills where he picked up the first signs of the trumpets whereabouts. He learnt much from the Astral Lotus tribe, his journey then lead him to the city of Melbourne. There he searches day and night, looking for the source of funk.

Dicsover The Chief here.


Mr. Manifold

manifold |ˈmanəˌfōld|
many and various : the implications of this decision were manifold.
• having many different forms or elements.

Mr. Manifold is a Melbourne based producer & DJ who loves to fondle with all kinds of funky swinging beats! Ghettofunk, Swing Bass, Funky breaks, Bass-Hop and ElectroSwing are prime beats for shaking your boot and getting down.

Listen to Mr. Manifold here.


NikNik Boom

NikNik-Boom! is a new and eclectic DJ project from Nik Hazeleger (ex. Hazchem). It’s been almost 6 years since the last gig and he’s listened to a lot of music in that time!
Whether it be psy-breaks, gypsy dub, electro swing, DT chill, reggae…whatever; Broken beats, big baselines and funky licks are what you’ll be hearing. Sit back and enjoy, get up and dance or quietly implode in sea of wobbles, it’s always just what the mad scientist ordered!

Like to know more? Dive in here..


Wonqi Rose

If you’re looking for a straight line, you’re calling the wrong girl. Wonqi Rose is a connoisseur of sounds from every corner of the planet, digging deep to shed light on the freshest tracks or creating a journey from the comfortable to the bazaar. Massively influenced by hip hop, urban style and that mad underground gangsta flavour, Wonqi takes this and fuses it with a dash of the deep and dark, yet holding it all together with the most beautiful and eclectic of sounds. The backbone of the Wonqi Rose experience always remains the bass.

In just a short time, the journey of dedication and inspiration has shown Wonqi Rose to be one of the most driven acts among the scene. This drive has led to working with some of Melbourne’s most forward thinking crews including:
Electro Swing Club Australia, Uncomfortable Beats, Twisted Audio, Off the Record, The MakeShift Collective and Culture Jam to name just a few…

Intrigued? Listen to Wonqi Rose here.


Sophia Sin

“Starting out as a bedroom DJ, Sophia took Melbourne by surprise when she finally stepped out onto the scene and has since shared line-ups with some of the most respected international names in the industry such as: Stimming, Maceoplex, Alexkidd, Jay Lumen and Mark Henning.

What makes Sophia different from any other producer? Her inconsistency that leaves the listeners asking “What will she do next?”
Lastly, listen and learn. Listening inevitably brings emotion and feeling, emotion and feeling are the bi-products of an artist forever revolutionizing how you as a listener perceive all that is heard, felt, smelt and seen.
Sophia Sin. The future.”

Discover Sophia here.


Ill Printz

The last 10+ years have seen ILLPRINTZ hold down residencies in popular clubs locally and abroad, for the most part playing his own unique style (a solid mash and mix up of all funky genres) some of his early promo mixes featuring on radio stations Kiss FM and Triple RRR.

Back in Melbourne (after 5 years working in events and DJing in Bangkok, ILLPRINTZ released his first track on record label, Digital Labs.

Hear more from Ill Printz here.


Dice FX

Dice FX’s mission has been to bring the crowd a fun energetic set that takes you on a journey. Electro Swing, Glitch Hop, Ghetto Funk and Trap are only a few genres he has used in the past. After only two years he can proudly say he’s played at most of Melbourne’s hot spots whether it be in the CBD, a warehouse or a festival’s such as Maitreya and The Town.

Listen to Dice FX here.


LIL Stormer

Lilstormer has been DJing around Melbourne all over the place for the last 15 years or so, while mystery surrounds her life prior to gracing on our shores. Rumour has it she arrived by steam ship from Britain with only a couple of corsets and a bustle to her name. The rest is history. Lilstormer embraces many styles of music, the details of which we won’t bother you with. All you need to know is she loves the chance to get her swing on.

Don’t believe us? Listen to a mix here.


DJ Mojah

Mojah, originally from London, England has a heart for 100 BMP with a passion for a heavy bass line. Influenced by hip hop, reggae, funk, swing, drum & bass, glitch-hop and afro beat Mojah’s music selection will show you a world of amazing music from across the globe combined with a selection of heavy baselines that you can’t keep a straight face to.

Like to know more about Mojah? Click here.


DJ Brain

Brains! If you’re a zombie, they’re fun to eat. If not, they’re pretty gross. Unless you are one!

Cursed with the ability to play any genre of music DJ Brain has played at some of the biggest festivals in Victoria: Maitreya, Rainbow Serpent, Earthcore, and Strawberry Fields.

DJ Brain has been DJing for the last fifteen years or so. He is so old he still plays vinyl and CDs. And he doesn’t have a mix for you to listen to. So go see him play lots of fat heavy bass on Saturday and see how low he really can go.



CatParty is bass merchant that peddles his tunes at festivals, clubs and warehouses alike. A sonic drifter, never sticking around in one genre long enough to be identified and trapped. His sounds will leave you stunned and aroused like the chance sighting of a Sasquatch on a moonlit night.

Listen to CatParty’s bassy tunes here.


Ashcats Sound System

Electro swing burlesque cabaret with a hint of ghetto funk, a touch of balkan and a smidgen of gypsy. You can’t go wrong with Ashcats Sound System!

Don’t believe us? Check them out here.



Returning to Melbourne with some fresh trumpet skills that were brass-polished in the San Francisco jazz and folk music scene, and sweeping aside the playa dust gathering on his DJ skills, Blunderbuss has been hard at work building live DJ sets for warehouses and festivals over the last two years. He pulls a mix of tricks from his top-hat that would entertain a time-capsuled 1920′s speakeasy with live-trumpet-infused electro-swing, balkan beats, dub, jazz and soul grooves. Which sounds a bit like Coco Poco Loco, the infamous renegade party tent where Blunderbuss resides. Step right up gentlefolk, but not too close or the horn will blow you away!

Discover Blunderbuss here.